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Kitchener Wildlife- Kitchener’s Leading Animal Control & Removal

Humane & Safe Exclusion Of Unwanted & Weird Critters

Are you facing a wildlife intrusion on your property? If you are looking for a renowned animal control company in Kitchener to get an unwanted critter removed from your home, attic or backyard, call Kitchener Wildlife right away. Our trained and licensed animal control experts are capable of handling every little to severe invasions inside your property. Whether there are skunks, raccoons, bats, possums, squirrels or any other animals, we have covered all your wildlife control needs.

Kitchener Wildlife provides effective and reliable animal removal and control services to both commercial and residential clients in Kitchener. We not only offer affordable yet long term service that is all humane, ecologically responsible and environment friendly. With a fleet of the latest products and equipment, our experts deliver emergency control and same day service at reasonable costs.

Our Array Of Services

Raccoon Removal
Raccoons can wreak havoc inside your yards. At Kitchener Wildlife, we have the right expertise to deal with notorious raccoon population.
Skunk Removal
To remove and control the skunks, we utilize the latest techniques and tools to make sure they never turn back towards your property.
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Squirrel Removal
Squirrels are tiny animals that can gnaw your pipes and electrical wires. We trap, carry and relocate these critters in a humane manner.
Possum Removal
Possums can badly damage your yard. Our possum control experts are dedicated to safely remove and control the possum invasion.
Bat Removal
Bats are nocturnal creatures that are often weird. We make sure your home is completely bat-free by offering effective bat removal.
Other Wildlife
Be it chipmunks, birds, our wildlife control experts are capable of removing them all in a safe, humane & reliable way.

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Michael Mozza

Thank you so much Kitchener Wildlife for your efficient raccoon solution. I was really impressed by your humane approach when dealing with animals. Thanks for your emergency service.

Henna Jose

I received prompt and professional service from Kitchener Wildlife. Squirrels have destroyed my attic and I wanted to get rid of them. Your controllers were very knowledgeable and prevented the animals from coming back. Highly recommended.

Jenelia D’souza

Thanks a lot guys for removing the scary skunk from my home. We were really scared after it sprayed on our pet. You shooed away the skunk from our property in a safe manner. I really appreciate what you did for us!

Wildlife Removal & Relocation

Removing wildlife animals from your premises without causing any harm or damage to the property, self, or animal is not a do-it-yourself job. Without proper training and expertise, its quite dangerous to handle these situations. If you are in need of animal removal service in Kitchener, call our courteous experts right away. After trapping the critter, we relocate it to a safe wild place.

Wildlife Removal & Relocation
Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

Kitchener Wildlife deals with the various wildlife species that can’t be accepted as a pet or pose damage to a home or business. We are your local wildlife control experts in Kitchener who are proudly serving both residential and commercial clients with durable and affordable wildlife control. Our honesty, integrity, and transparency have allowed us to emerge as a reputed wildlife removal service.

Keep Your Home Or Business Safe From Unwanted Wildlife!

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