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Are you facing a possum invasion inside your property? These small creatures are very opportunistic scavengers who can be noticed stealing the pet food or garbage from the yard. They generally live under a deck or shed but can also inhabit an attic. Possums are host to various parasites that can lead to loss of hygiene and pet infections.

Possums are a common nuisance animal in North America including the regions of Ontario. If you are struggling to get these animals away from your premise, don’t hesitate to give Kitchener Wildlife a call. We are a trusted wildlife control company that is proudly offering highly reliable and durable possum removal in Kitchener.Though these tiny animals appear to be cute and harmless, they are responsible for causing minor to major damage inside a property. Once they invade your home, it is quite impossible to drive them away. At Kitchener Wildlife, we have a team of raccoon control experts in Kitchener who are committed to provide you a completely raccoon-free premises.

Signs of Possum Infestation

Though possums can be easily seen moving, most of the times their presence goes unnoticed. If you have one or opossums residing in your house, look for the following infestation signs to make sure whether they are really there or not:

What We Do?

At Kitchener Wildlife, we are your locally owned and operated possum control service providers who are backed up by the services of Kitchener based licensed and insured possum removal experts. No matter, you are looking to get possums removed from your home or office, we are right here to assist you. Some of our services include:

Why Choose Us?

Kitchener Wildlife takes immense pride in delivering 100% client satisfied possum removal and prevention service in Kitchener. Our wildlife controllers are familiar with the habitats and behavior of the possums and are expert at humane trapping and removal. Few reasons to choose us include:

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