Raccoon Removal & Control Service in Kitchener

Raccoons are one of the commonly found nocturnal mammals in the North America. They are extremely clever creatures who have nimble and dexterous hands that allows them to open latches, door knobs, tear soffits and many other things. Raccoons are also able to run at a speed of over 10 miles per hour.
Though these tiny animals appear to be cute and harmless, they are responsible for causing minor to major damage inside a property. Once they invade your home, it is quite impossible to drive them away. At Kitchener Wildlife, we have a team of raccoon control experts in Kitchener who are committed to provide you a completely raccoon-free premises.

Are Raccoons Known To Enter Homes or Yards?

Alike all other living creatures, raccoons are also attracted towards food sources. If you are having a cluttered yard with vegetation and fruit trees, then you are at a higher risk of facing a raccoon infestation. Some female raccoons invade the attic looking for a safe place to give birth to their young ones. Once their babies are raised, they leave the place in springs.

Why Raccoons Need To Be Removed?

In an effort to find a warm and cozy place, these notorious animals access the shelter of chimneys or attics. They also cause expensive damages such as tearing the roof tiles and the wire coverings. Along with eating away the vegetation and fruits, they even cause destruction in the corn and grain farms. Raccoons are omnivores and may attack the birds, their nests, and the eggs.

Our Raccoon Removal Services

Being a locally owned and operated animal control company, we deliver 100% safe, effective and guaranteed raccoon removal and control in Kitchener. Our wildlife control professionals are both licensed and insured. We are committed to keep your property safe and secure from these extremely disastrous animals. Some of our services include:

We can help you get rid of all raccoon problems. Call us today for effective and reliable wildlife removal and control service. You can expect the use of high quality products, affordable pricing and unparalleled customer service from us.

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