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We, at Kitchener Wildlife, are your local wildlife control service providers who are proudly serving homes and businesses with safe and humane animal removal services. From past few years, we have emerged as your trusted critter controllers in Kitchener. Whether its bats, squirrels, skunks or raccoons, we are skilled to remove them all. We are dedicated to providing wildlife-free premises with immediate response to your service calls.

Our Mission

Every year, thousands of Kitchener residents fall victim to the intrusion cases due to the unwanted animal and critter population inside their premises. We know that living or working at a place that is infested by skunks, possums or raccoons is quite impossible and rather difficult. Moreover, these animals are responsible for spreading and causing severe infection that can ruin your home’s hygiene.

Being your locally owned and operated wildlife removal company, we are not only committed to eliminate or deter away the critters but also work towards the betterment of wild animals. We believe that if forestation was well concerned, the wild creatures would never have faced towards the urban accomplishments.

Go Green- Safe & Eco-Friendly Practices

Kitchener Wildlife is committed to ensure green and environment friendly animal control service. We follow the humane wildlife approach and make use of the safe and green equipment and products to make sure we don’t harm the innocent creatures. After capturing the animal prevailing inside your home, we release them in the wild area where they can easily find food, shelter and even fellows.

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